Wyatt Lataille

Wyatt Lataille

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School

•              Bangor

Mrs. Whitney


The High Point of Maine

•              Most citizens of Maine know what the tallest mountain in Maine is, Mount Katahdin. This is my favorite vacation destination for many reasons. Other states have great amusement parks and those are really entertaining. But Mount Katahdin is one of the most gorgeous, entertaining, captivating, and during the winter, challenging locations in Maine. It provides a peaceful and secluded environment to either relax or hike. While some towns in Maine are rural, it’s still not easy to connect with nature. Mount Katahdin is protected by the Baxter State Park reserve, so it will always be in it’s natural state.



Mount Katahdin is full of possible destinations within itself, and there are endless ways to get there. It has numerous trails, as well as beautiful lakes and streams. My favorite trail, Hunt Trail, is the first trail I hiked when I went all the way to the summit. The summit is the very top of the mountain. It is so high that you can literally touch the clouds, it is such an indescribable feeling to be able to feel the wind and see the entirety of Baxter State Park. That is what people hike miles to feel and view.



I believe the main attraction of Mount Katahdin is its beauty. Hunt Trail follows a path that passes streams, waterfalls, sheer cliffs, rock spires, moss covered trees, and



incredibly colorful mushrooms during summer. During winter, Katahdin is a winter wonderland. There is snow seven feet deep, and ice everywhere. Of course, not everyone can get in. You need to register beforehand, and depending on where you are headed, there are certain requirements. But, no matter what time you visit Mount Katahdin, it will always be the most beautiful vacation destination in Maine.



Mount Katahdin is a very important location in Maine as well. While it is the tallest mountain in Maine, it is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Mountain Range, which is the longest mountain range in the United States of America. It is considered a huge accomplishment to hike the Appalachian Trail. It takes months of preparation, and the trip itself can take a third of a year, and that is if you’re in incredible condition. Plus, you will need a fortune in equipment and supplies. But, if someone makes it all the way through, they end up right here in Maine. That is something worth Maine’s attention.



At this time in history our world is more urban than ever before. With places like New York City as icons for our country, it is extremely difficult to get connected to nature. At 5,268 feet, you will find yourself at a safe distance from the drone of cell phones and car horns. In more than one way, Mount Katahdin is truly the highpoint of Maine.