Alex Knupp

Alex Knupp
Grade 5
Leroy H. Smith School, Winterport, Maine
Mrs. Rawcliffe


I wake up with the sun shining brightly through my bedroom window. In the distance I hear the drone of a lawn mower… know it is summer. My favorite season is summer.

When I wake up I have a jump in my step as I get out of bed.
I pack for a day of fishing at Pickeral Pond with my friend
Emily. Emily has been my best friend since kindergarten.
Fishing is one of the main reasons I like summer best. It is
exhilarating to be with a good friend doing something I love.

Another reason I like summer, is swimming. I swim in a lake in New Hampshire called Webster Lake. My brother and I race each other out to the float and jump in the cool water of the lake.

The final reason summer is my favorite season, is I love walking in the sun after a nice swim in my pool. My brother, dad and I walk to Elm Street then through to Oak Street to the baseball field. We play invisible baseball. The pitcher pretends to throw the ball. The hitter will swing and say hit or miss. If you hit the ball you will yell where it goes. The fielder yells catch and then pretends to throw to a base. Sometimes you score and sometimes you don’t. It is a fun game.