Alyssa Calnan

by Alyssa Callnan
6 Stackpole 1/11/12
Ellsworth Middle School

My favorite season is fall. When the middle of fall come and the temperature is not to hot and not to cold. The trees are red and orange with a crisp frost making the leaves crackle in the breeze. Fall is amazing.
I like fall because of all the bright colors and the slight chill telling that winter will come soon. The snow starts in fall this brings snowmen and snowball fights. the warm air starts to go and is replaced with chilly air thats when we all stay in side for cocoa and peppermint and time to get a Christmas tree. the best part of fall is thanksgiving when the hole family gets together for a big meal.
I love the frost in the air making our breath frosty and cold.then all the leaves fall and we jump in a pile of them. All the small animals skittering around looking for food. The days get shorter and and there are no leaves left on the trees fall is over and winter begins.