Alyssa Gilley

Alyssa Gilley

Grade Six

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School



During the summer I go to Beach Hill Pond. My friend and I sink the paddle boat all the time, have ice cream, and play on the beach. Those are some of the reasons I love summer. Summer is one of me favorite season because there is NO school and no homework I can relax and do whatever I want.The summer is so peaceful and a sleepy season. It is warm and I can see my friends all the time. I can see my sister all the time as well. I can swim, see my nana which I like because I can’t see her in the winter. At the beach I hear the ducks when I feed them.I name them sometimes. I love diving off the dock and flouting. I go down and get the grass at the bottom of the pond. It’s shimmy and sticky but I love to do that. Sometimes I go diving and see the rocks at the bottom. I can see my relatives. I love to see my family I never get to see them. I can go shopping and it is warm all the time. I love summer also because I can go to YMCA camp, the best place I can throw water balloons and we have water fights ever day. I love summer camp and it helps me learn.Other reasons why I love summer is because I also can play with some dogs and cats and go to friend’s homes all the time.