Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

The smell of a crisp cool day on a football field in Ellsworth. The taste of an apple pie fresh out of the oven on Thanksgiving. The sounds of the dark pine forests well on the trail of a monster buck. Yup, it’s fall, my favorite season. I love so many things about fall. One thing that makes fall my favorite season is my favorite sport, football. I love football more than anything on this planet. I just love the feeling of wearing that helmet on a cool fall afternoon, and the smell of fresh cut grass, and making a cutback and breaking through the defense with nothing but green grass ahead, while I trot into the end-zone listening to the cheering fans and giving all my teammates high fives and fist bumps. Or I love even just watching my Patriots on TV or better yet going to one of thier games at Foxboro, Massachusetts with my family and tailgate before the game and eat what seems like a hundred juicy sausages and hotdogs. Whatever it is, if it has football, count me in.
One of my other favorite things about fall is Thanksgiving. If theres one thing on the face of the Earth I like more than football it’s food. My favorite things about Thanksgiving is the pie, turkey, more pie, corn and even more pie. By the end of the day my stomach feels like a bomb that could go off at
at any second. Also, on Thanksgiving my dad, my cousins, and my uncle go for a four wheeling/hunting trip. We usually take a trail from my house in Ellsworth all the way up to Eastbroke where my uncles like to go hunting. I also love to hunt. I just love the peace and quiet of the woods while waiting for a gigantic buck to come by. Some people may think huntings boring, but I think it’s pretty fun. I like the way the wind sounds blowing the trees left and right and also looking at all the other creatures in the woods, like birds, squirrels, beaver and fox. Another thing I like about hunting is the intensity when you’re after a deer. Just that kind of intense, even scary feeling when you don’t know when or where the deer will come out or if it will come out at all. I think it’s pretty easy to tell that fall’s my favorite season, whether I’m going to the field or sitting in a tree stand, fall is by far my favorite season.