Andrew Miers

Andrew Miers
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

Summer vacation is my favorite time of the year, I like summer vacation because you don’t have any school or homework to forget about. That also means that I get to stay up until 10:00 and watch TV shows that I don’t usually get to watch because they’re on too late. I also get to stay home and do whatever I want. Also you can do things during the week with your friends and family. My favorite thing to do with my friends is play video games or go outside and make up our own games. When I am with my family I like to go hiking, swimming, and biking. Another reason that I like summer is that we go on vacations. Every other year we go to New York for two weeks to visit our relatives. When we are with our relatives we go to amusement parks. My favorite amusement park is Darien Lake. Darien Lake has the ‘7th tallest roller coaster called The Superman Ride of Steel. It also has a ride called the Whirl Wind, which is a roller coaster but the cart that you are in spins around. My cousin has an in ground pool in his back yard. We swim in it just about every day that we’re there. At the end of the pool there is a diving board that I like to jump off of, and I sometimes land on his big inflatable raft. He has a small hot tub too, but we don’t usually get to use it. Those are some of the reasons why summer is my favorite season.