Austin Baron

By: Austin Baron Ellsworth Elementary Middle School Grade 6 Stackpole 1/11/12

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is summer because my family usually goes to our camp on 2nd Lake Oldstream. When we go we usually stay for a week so we can also tent on a little island out in the middle of the lake. At night on the island we make a fire and roast marshmallows. Then we head back to my house.
Another reason that summer is my favorite season is that it is very warm and we get to go in my pool in my backyard. The fun thing is that when all of the other stuff around the house I get to jump in from the ladder. I usually spend a hour in the pool when I feel like staying in there that long.
The last reason I have is that in late June it is when they pick the Little League All-Stars for Ellsworth. I’m usually picked for the team and we go to MDI for the tournament if we don’t win the championship. When I was at bat I got a hanging curve ball and I was 4 feet from a home run.
That is why summer is my favorite season of all.