Aynsley Hermanowski

Aynsley Hermanowski
Mrs. Willey
Grade 12
Machias Memorial High School
Machias, Maine

I’ve been asked about what I plan on doing after my last year of high school ends. I’ve decided to go to University of Maine at Machias (UMM) for college to study Special Early Childhood Education. Basically I’m going to college to become a teacher for the deaf After I graduate from college I believe I’m set up to go for ajob at Baxter School for the Deaf in Portland, Maine.

From this point that I’m writing I have less than five months until I graduate from high school on June 3, 2012. At first I was thinking that I was going to take a year off, but then I thought “Well maybe if I go to college in the Fall the information from high school will stay fresh in my mind.” So I’m not sure how long I’ll have to go to college, I’m estimating four years, but I’m unsure because I have taken early college courses to get a jump start. I took a Psychology Personal Growth course and an Introduction to Sign Language in the fall at UMM, now I’m in an Intermediate Sign Language course. At first I was very afraid to go to college because I thought the work was going to be hard and I wasn’t going to make any friends, but I was wrong and to my surprise I was very happy I was wrong. I’m happy I was wrong because I had fun, I made friends, and I was able to do well on my work. I thought homework at college was going to be 10 page reports every night, but I was wrong about this too, and in the process of being wrong, I had fun and was able to jump start my career.

I don’t plan on graduating college early because I’d like to stay with the people who are going to the same college as me who also graduated from my high school. But when I graduate from college, I can’t wait to get started working with the students at Baxter School for the Deaf I’m especially happy about this possibility because not only did someone in my family go to school there several years ago, but when I go to work there, my nephew might be there because it is possible he is deaf He is not the only one in my family who is deaf Two of my cousins are deaf, one from each side of my family. So I have had a lot of experience with people who are deaf, which has inspired me to want to go into this field. I know a lot of Sign Language already, but I don’t know every sign there is in the ASL language. I mean who does, right?