Bailey Beers

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Bailey Beers
Mr. Stackpole

My favorite season is summer because I can go swimming and do cool things under water like hand stands and diving off the dock and doing flips off the dock, and I watch the waves float back and forth when the boats take off and when they come back. The water makes big gigantic waves. My best friends and I always go there and we always go under water and dive off the docks and we jump off the dock at the same time and it is cool because it make big splashes and when we dive we go down to bottom and its shallow were we jump in but we love doing it, also when we dive down we jump and float like a dolphin’s do through the crystal blue water and the shining rocks. And we always go out to banana rock witch is this huge rock like so long and it is 10 feet down and then cherry rock is 111/2 feet down to the bottom. The place we go swimming is branch pond / lake my mother always took us there we would have a blast we would bring chips, water sometimes, soda, floats and we would love to swim on them.

My second reason for why summer is my favorite season is because I love going out to the playground and swinging and sliding down the slides. I also enjoy climbing the monkey bars and I also like staying until dark to play hide and go seek. Also I play tag but my favorite part was to swing high up in the air and then we i got low i would jump off.

My third reason for why summer is my favorite season is because you can run into a bunch of friends you have not seen in a long time.Also hang out with them at a park and laugh about jokes and play tag and climb monkey bars and also go swimming and go out to the big rocks and dive off the docks.