Belle Albert

My Favorite Season

By:    Belle Albert
6th Grade
Hi my name is Belle Albert and I am going to tell you what my favorite season is and why. My favorite season is summer. The reason I love summer is because I get to spend more time with my family and friends.

My first reason is for my favorite season being summer is that I have a camp on Branch lake that is my favorite place in the whole entire world. This is my favorite place because it makes me feel more relaxed then I ever would anywhere else or with anybody. Also I like it a lot is because we can go jet skiing and boating when ever we want to. Another reason is the huge thunder and lightning storms we get. They are the best. My mom and I are the really the only ones who like them though. My last and final thing that I like about my camp is that the water gets so warm it feels like your in a bathtub. That’s one of the reason summer is my favorite season.

My second reason for liking summer as my favorite season is that we have a camp on the ocean as well. Besides the camp on Branch lake this would probably be my second favorite place to go. My first reason is that when we walk on the beach we find kelp which my littles sisters think is mermaid hair they get all excited and put it in tons and tons of it into buckets. My second reason is we can sit on our deck and see the cars go up Cadillac Mountain at night when there’s a full moon. My third reason is that there is this way on the beach to get to a beautiful apple tree. Then we sit on the huge rocks and watch the waves crash on to the shore. This is another reason summer is my favorite season as well

My third reason that my favorite reason is summer is that my birthday is in summer. The first reason is that we always do it at the camp and it is fun because like I said up above you can go swimming and we have a float and you can dive off it. My second reason is that sometimes we travel on my birthday like last year we went to Fun Town Splash Town. I love going there because of the water park mostly. I love the the water park because all of the rides and the water is so cold on a hot summer day. My third reason is that is that it is just my birthday and I get to celebrate and my family gets to celebrate the day I was born. Also it’s a day just to celebrate.

This is why my favorite season is summer. I hoped you learned a little bit about me and enjoyed reading this.