Chris Grant

Chris Grant
Mrs. Willey
Grade 12
Machias Memorial High School
Machias, Maine

When I get out of high school, I plan to go on to college at Washington County Community College where I can get my certificate in the welding program. You probably don’t know this but I live in Lubec, and I did attend Lubec High School for two years, then once it got to the end of my sophomore year, the school shut down because there weren’t enough kids to keep it open. I had the choice to either go to Washington Academy or Machias Memorial High School. I chose Machias because it reminded me of Lubec, because there aren’t a whole lot of students and that’s just the way I like it.

Ever since I started school in Machias, I have been taking this an automotive class that has really helped me realize what I want to do when I get out of high school. I want to get my welding certificate. And I know I can do it — all I have to do is set my mind to it and it can be done. But before I go on to college I want to make sure I have good grades and I am actually ready for the next step after high school.

After I graduate from college for welding, I plan on going to work for Bath Iron Works. I really need to get a good job because at this moment, I already have a family. I have a son who is almost six months old and a girlfriend who will be going to the same college as me. We both know that getting our educations will help us have the life we want in the future.