Christian Bosse

Christian Bosse

Grade Six

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School


Mrs. Anderson

My favorite season is fall. The reason for this is because of hunting. I have not yet gone hunting, but this year I am. My imagination tells me how nice and peaceful it will be. The cool breeze against my cheeks, crack! I turn around and take a look, a bright brown buck leaped out of the brush. I just had enough time to react, Boom, the bullet shot out of the gun. I didn’t see if the bullet got into the buck because it just kept on running. I searched for it until I thought I couldn’t look any more, and then it was there laying on the ground dead. “Yes,” I said. I examined it closer and saw how big it was, the most gigantic buck I have ever seen. That had to have been a 12 pointer. That could be a record in this state.

Another reason is how the leaves change color in the fall. Reds, yellows, orange, the only color I don’t like is brown. It’s like a dirt color. I like the leaves because they are cool. This season is cool because of how cool it is. The weather is not hot and it is not cold. Halloween also happens in the fall, which is fun because you get to go out and get candy. Also, for Halloween you have to dress up as someone else. It can be scary, funny, childish, and weird. To get
the candy you have to go knock on someone’s door and say trick or treat and they will come and give you candy. But don’t knock on someone’s door if the lights are out inside and outside. Some people come dressed up really scary. Also, people have haunted houses which are houses that you go into and people try to scare you.

Another event that happens in the fall is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because of all the delicious yummy food. There is so many different foods you can eat. Turkey is the main coarse, and if you don’t eat meat you can eat stuffing, celery etc… During Thanksgiving people talk about when Columbus came over to North America and thought he found it, but it was really founded by the North Americans. Anyways, we still have Thanksgiving, and I like Thanksgiving.That is my favorite season.