Cyleigh St. Saviour

Cyleigh St. S aviour
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary School

I look around and see the vast forest surrounding me. The fiddleheads are growing and there is a little stream flowing beside me. I sit on a blanket by the stream and eat my lunch and see all of these different things in nature. Like flowers blooming, birds coming back from where they were in the winter, and little critters peeking out of
their homes. I love spring.

One thing that I like about spring is that the grass is now turning green, so I love to go outside with a blanket, a book, a little basket, and a lunch box. All of these things are essential to bring with me when I go down back to find fiddleheads. I go down back and I find the fiddlehead patch that sprouts every year. After I find the fiddleheads I pick them and then I will put them in the basket and go to the stream that’s by it. Then I will take out my lunch and eat it all up! While I’m eating my lunch most of the time I will usually take out my book and read. Sometimes I wont and I will decide to drink some of the water from the stream.

Another thing that I do in the spring is I go outside and I plant some new flowers in the garden. I will also bring my book with me. I will read after my work is done. I always bring along a blanket just incase the ground is wet. I might also go out and work on the garden like weed it or plant more flowers. Another thing that I do that is sort of like what I do in the late spring early summer is I help my mom plant the garden.

The last thing that I do in the spring that is the best of all is during the day in late spring I will pack up just like I’m getting ready to go camping. I will get a tent and I will set it up and spend a whole day outside and I will not go inside unless I forget something. Then when it gets time for lunch I will cook a hot dog or something that I find tasty. Then I will lay in my tent or I will lay outside and I will read or draw or do anything else that interests me.

Those are some of the things that I enjoy in the spring and I hope you might do some of the things that I suggested.