Damien Worster

Damian Worster
Grade Six Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs Anderson

I’m writing about winter and why this season should be your favorite season. Winter should be your favorite season. One when you were younger didn’t you wish that it would snow and have a school day closed. I know I do. I wish that it would snow so I could go outside all day and have a big fat snowball fight with my brother.

Another thing when it snows outside you can go do whatever you want. If you work and it gets canceled you can go mountain climbing or ice fishing and catch a big perch our some salmon. Our for you big trucker boys with a women winter can be an excuse to get a brand new truck or wheels. Or you can go and buy a snow mobile.

The kids can go outside and play in the snow while the grown ups make food and hot chocolate for them for when they come in side from making snow men and sledding our even building a snow man and running into it with your sled our snow mobile our whatever you have you can even beat it with a stick our an axe. It’s your snow man. You do what you want to do with it. It’s your snow man.

It’s the season that kids love most. It’s full of love and hope and it’s a good time to bond with your kids and on christmas when the kids wake and see those presents under their tree and stockings full with little toys and candy treats and such you should see their faces.

Winter is my favorite season because I like to ice fish and sled and kill snow men with numerous objects. When lice fish in the winter we go buy traps and set them up in the middle of the lake so that then we could get the good fish. One day I went to check on the line and I caught a 18 pound big mouth bass. I like to sled because its so exhilarating and I like the feel of the soft snow against my face. I like to destroy snow men and throw snowballs at them pretending that they are bad people and trying to kill us. I like winter because I can drink hot chocolate, too.