Delaney Dow

Delaney Dow
Grade Six
El lsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

When I feel that cold breeze on my tender skin, the flakes of white on my face, I know it’s my favorite time of the year, Winter. I’m in love with the way the cold snow feels on my warm body and being able to come back inside to have a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. The way it takes forever to put on all of the clothes, but it’s worth it when you get out and fall in the winterwonder land to make an angel made of snow. When every one makes old jokes about yellow snow. How it feels like it takes a year to
roll one of the three parts of a snow man.

The feeling of accomplishment when your frosty is done and then feeling unhappy when you put the top hat on his big head of snow and he doesn’t come to life. When you get the feeling of destruction when you kick down the man made of coldness and love. The way when the day winter starts it snows like crazy. When the hot summer finishes and the first snow falls down to my feet. The warm sleepy feeling you get from turkey in your belly after a big Thanksgiving dinner with the family. The way you feel when Christmas is right around the corner. Everyone rushing out in the white blizzard to get presents that their family is going to enjoy on Christmas

The joyfulness you feel when everybody is happy as can be. The feeling of love when you put up the christmas tree and ornaments with your friends and family. Feeling pleasure when you go caroling with your loved ones. When you give a gift of love and happiness to someone in need.These are just some of the things I get exhilarated about when the first snowfall comes down on my rosy cheeks in the winter.