Dillon Dowling

Dillon Dowling
Mrs. Willey
Grade 12
Machias Memorial High School

My name is Dillon Dowling and I go to Machias Memorial High School, and after high school I want to go to college at WCCC for the welding certificate program because I love to weld. To me there’s nothing better to do than put leather clothes on from head to toe, strike an arc and then create something, like a box, table, oil pan, just anything and everything out of metal. The way the metal is bonded is just amazing to me.

I’ve struggled with career ideas all my life. My dad has always hounded me to choose something ever since middle school because he claimed that I was running out of time, which wasn’t true, but I believed him and stressed out about it and forced myself to like things. I wasn’t really happy about lying to dad about wanting to be an automotive technician. Then one day at the beginning of my senior year, I asked my shop teacher, Mr. Stevens, “what is Tyler doing in that booth with that intense light?” He replied, “welding”. I thought to myself why not try it? So I asked Mr. Stevens “can you teach me how to weld?” He did teach me and now I can’t get enough of it.

Throughout my entire senior year I’ve read about welding, practiced in the booth, and asked questions more than anyone in the shop because I’m just so curious about the process and want to become a master welder, if not an engineer. After high school I’m going to college and get my certifications for pipe welding, plate, stainless, and more, and maybe even go to Bangor to EMCC for more experience before I go get a job. I would love ajob in Texas, North Carolina, or California because they are such beautiful places in my opinion along with good paying jobs. My reasoning for bettering myself by attending college is because I will be the first of my immediate family to go to college and succeed in my field of expertise. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to live my dream.