Ethan Kane

Ethan Kane

Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
My favorite season is winter. Why is winter is my favorite season? Because there is so much to do in the winter. One of my favorite winter activates is snowmobiling in my field or on the trails. I think it is fun because you can drive a snowmobile almost anywhere and you can drive them on a pond to go ice fishing.

Another thing I like to play is dome league baseball at Umaine in Orono. Another thing you can do is go sledding down a hill or you can build a snowman or you can just stay inside and watch TV but I would much rather go outside and do something that is actually exciting. One more thing that I like to do in the winter is go ice fishing. There are very many possibilities of things that you can do in the Winter Like basketball or baseball.

This winter is boring because it seems like I will never get to go snowmobiling because there is not enough snow and it has not been cold enough for the lakes and ponds to freeze over enough to ice fish. But I can still play basketball and baseball and go sledding down a hill or at the black house. Or you can watch the Patriots play the Giants in Indianapolis on Superbowl Sunday.

I can’t wait until there is actually snow on the ground so that I can do all those things because right now it is just like Spring because there is no snow at all. That means there are no winter activities that means no fun. So too bad if you were planing on doing any of those things because there are no snow at all except if you are planing to go up to Baxter State Park or Dover foxcroft or Greenvile.

Or if you wanted to you could drive all the way to Canada and back but that would take an unreasonably long amount of time.