Hailey McCabe

My    Favorite Season Hailey McCabe
6th Grade
January 11, 2012
Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School

My favorite season is summer. This is my favorite season because we are out of school, I get to hang out with my friends, and we get to swim in the chilly Maine waters. Another reason is that we get barbecued food fresh from the grill, ice cream, popsicles and cool drinks to refresh my warm body.
Summer is an important time for me because I get to just relax, sleep in, or get up and going whenever I feel ready to. Summer is also my favorite season because it’s a time when my busy family can get together and enjoy quality time with everyone and the good food the we have. Summer is such a different season than any of the others in my opinion because even though during the day you may feel overheated, during the night it can get very chilly too.
Usually during the summer my family goes camping so I get to enjoy delicious food cooked over the fire or from the grill, I get to be independent all day with just a couple of friends, I get to sit by the warm fire with friends and family after a long day at play, and I get to enjoy s’mores, biscuits, and plain marshmallows cooked to perfection. The cool summer nights are something I always look forward to so I can relax with some close friends and families. When we are around the campfire with everyone, I feel like I wish that
summer could last forever and I would never want it to end. When I am with my family and friends, I feel complete,
like I don’t have to keep anything inside of me or keep anything from anyone. I love summer altogether, but my favorite month in summer is July because in my family July holds lots of memories.
On the Fourth of July my family always is in the Bar Harbor parade and then we always go to lunch at Jordan’s and end the day by watching the fireworks with my whole family. In my opinion, summertime is a wonderful time of year.