Hannah Robichaud

Hannah    Robichaud 6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School

Sizzling Summer Time

My favorite season. is summer. It is my favorite season because you can do so many activities during summer. My all time favorite reason is the fact there is no school, and most of all, no homework!

Every summer my cousins always come to Maine from either Russia, India, or Virginia, but mostly Russia. They travel all over the world and I barely get to see them. When my cousins come here to Maine we always have a blast. We have water balloon fights and we turn our slide into a water slide with the cascading water squirting from the hose. At the bottom we get covered in mud.

I don’t like the cold at all, so summer is the perfect season for me. Spring is still too cold and always raining, with some occasional sun peeking through. Autumn is too messy with the dead and falling leaves, and

I always have to rake them up. Winter is way too cold for my comfort.

Therefore, I like summer the best.

My favorite cold thing to eat in the summer is popsicles. I eat at least five popsicles every single day, even if my mouth goes numb. My parents have to buy a family pack box of popsicles every week. I also like to eat fresh, not canned, pineapple in the summer. However, I really don’t like it when the pineapple is hard or sour, then it is just disgusting.

The reason summer is my preferred season is because we go to the beach every week. The beach it is a blast! I always find a wide selection of sea glass and sea shells which I then make into really gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. During the summer I make a quite a bit of money because I sell the jewelry in my mom’s antique booth in Searsport.

In the summer there are so many interesting things you can do. My favorite activity is to go bike riding, especially since there are train tracks only half a mile away from my house. In the other direction is a farm that

is home to a herd of stinky, smelly, bug attracting cows. I always go towards the cows, in spite of their odor, because there is a gigantic hill if you take the route to the train tracks. So I have to put what seems like gallons of bug spray on whenever I go bike riding.

Summer is an exciting and exhilarating time of the year, especially when the sun is shining. It’s a great time to share with my cousins, in particular when we go to the beach. Summer is so warm and inviting. I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly dislike summer!