Joe Cote

Joe Cote
6thi grade
Rose M. Gaffney


Fall into Fall

My favorite season would have to be fall. We go back to school
and I get to see my buds. The weather is beautiful. Plus halloween

I like fall because we get to go back to school. I get to see all
my friends for the first time since summer. We get to hang out and catch up on EVERYTHING! ! ! !!! Plus all those new books in the
library. I like to read mythology like Percy Jackson ,and the lost hero. Reading time.

The weather outside is beautiful. All those colorful spectacular leaves on those trees is just a beautiful stunning sight. Plus its not winter I hate the cold. Because its fall tat means no snow! !!!

Halloween time! !!! I get to scare little kids. I also get to go trick-or-treating. I get dress up and decorate two of my favorite things to do

Thats why I like fall. Getting to see my friends. The remarkable weather. Plus the halloween preparations. Fall is my favorite season