Jonathan Desmond

Jonathan Desmond
Grade 6
Ellsworth Elementary Middle8chool

Can you guess the season with the nice, cool, relaxing water and beach? That’s right, summer
My favorite part of summer is the nice,cool,and relaxing water.I like to swim at Branch Lake. There I can jump off rocks and swim around in cool water. The hot sun is good for any one to just float a little in the water.
I like to play with my dog Bailey in the water and throw sticks for her.
Bailey and I run around on the lawn and throw her ball for, her to catch.Do you love dogs? I do. Dogs are my favorite animals in the world. I’m really good with dogs.Bailey is a one year old dog and she’s a golden retriever. I love golden retrievers. They’re my favorite kind of dog.
In the sand I like to make sand castles and water ways in the sand.The only thing I don’t like is the sand when it gets on you because it’s irritating and bugs you all the way home. Bugs,I don’t like them they scare me half the time. Ijust don’t like to touch them.Its not a fear of bugs.It just scare’s me when you don’t notice them there but most bugs I think are fascinating.I hope you like summer as much as I do even though winters just as good.