Jordan Hunt

Jordan Hunt
Grade 6
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson
The ocean view at Thunder Hole, the sound of the waves hitting the shore. The seagulls flying high above you. This is the view in the middle of summer at Thunder Hole. There are many reasons why summer is my favorite season. Doing something like jogging or riding your bikes is always fun, another is watching the waves hit the shore at Thunder Hole. You can always pop open a good book and read. There are many things you could do over the summer but having fun with your family is the best way to enjoy the summertime.
During the summer I take advantage of those warm summer days by going to friends’ houses or riding or walking around the neighborhood. As I walk I can hear people laughing and the birds singing somewhere in the forest. People in cars wave and smile as they pass by. I enjoy having friends come over to my house and hangout all day. We ask if they can spend the night, and if they can, we either watch movies or play video games.
For me watching the waves hit Thunder Hole is a special treat. I have only been there once but the sound and sight was nothing I have ever seen before. I enjoy the mountainous and forestry view as we pass by. The rocky coastline of the high shore amazes me and I can’t help but stop and think how was this was made. I hope during the summer my grandparents will take me there again.
I love spending time with my family outside. My dad will sway with me on our swings in our backyard. For Christmas this year I got a trampoline so I will love to bounce on it during the summer. My baby sister loves to play outside with bubbles, and loves when they pop on her. I also enjoy going to my grandparent’s house because we play board games that we don’t have at our house.
Now you can see why out of all four seasons why I think that summer is the best season of them all. I hope that you too see summer the greatest season.