Jordan Lockard

Jordan Lockard
Seasons the Same How?

What’s my favorite season? Well there’s spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are all great but you see I moved here this year and the only full season I’ve spent here is fall. The rest, well, I spent in a rather warm place. Not Hawaii but Florida! It’s so hot there. Every season is practically identical. Well, what I’m really trying to say is that the four seasons here are so different(so people say.) But in Florida they’re all the same. So I’ve decided to write about spring   no summer-wait fall or maybe winter. The seasons connect because of the things you can do to entertain yourself, year-round sports, and weather. Keep reading and explore my season observations in Florida and why I choose all the seasons!

Jump roping, playing four square, those are just a few ways to entertain yourself. Even when you want to go inside you don’t because there’s an endless list of things you can do outside, and once you check off the first thing on the list you have to complete the rest especially with your friends. Me, well I had plenty of friends in Florida. We could play numerous of games outside and inside. I prefer outside because the weather is perfect if you have a glass of lemonade  or maybe even a pitcher!

Score! Swish! Crack! Those are sounds you may hear if you decide to wander about my old neighborhood in Florida. Those noises are just the sounds of kids practicing whatever sport it is they’re practicing. Yes, basketball is a noise you would hear while you’re hearing soccer noises. I know it’s pretty weird, seeing or hearing someone practicing their slam dunk while you hear someone hitting a baseball so hard you’d think China could hear it! All those sports are being played at the same time. On a team and off.

It’s hot in Florida and everyone with a right mind knows that. But it’s not always hot. Sometimes it rains in the summer when it would normally rain in the fall here in Maine. The weather is unique in many ways. It’s hot in the spring, summer, fall, and most of the time in winter. Two seasons stick out, summer and winter. Summer because it’s the season when it rains a lot because of the humidity and winter because it’s sometimes cold
rather than hot but other than that the seasons are all hot and rainy and cool(maybe even cold!)

Hot or cold, the Florida seasons relate. Entertaining yourself,year round sports, and the weather are a part of all the seasons. Maybe you’ve visited Florida and felt the sun hit your face just right or maybe you drove through that neighborhood filled with athletic kids. Whatever you did you may know how Florida seasons relate and if you haven’t done the whole Florida thing you know how the whole sport, weather similarity thing goes because of this paper!