Jordenne Estes

Jordenne Estes

Grade six


Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Mrs. Anderson

Snow flakes drift slowly down from the sky,covering the ground with a white blanket of snow. As you can clearly see winter is my favorite season of the year and now I will tell you why.

I like to go outside and build snowmen collecting all the materials I can find. I Then dash inside and firmly grip a hat from the coat wrack and take it outside and with care, place it upon the head of my snowman. Using wooden pieces for the eyes, nose, and buttons I start to compose a snowman.

When the snowman is finished I take a few paces back and observe my creation. After I have done my observation I travel inside and make a delicious cup of hot chocolate.As I let it cool I see the steam slowly rise from the cup. Clutching the fridge door handle I open it, grab the whipped cream and evenly spread the whipped cream around the top of the cup.

After I drink my hot beverage I go back outside and have a snowball fight with my friends and we have a long friendly battle. When our fight is over I head back inside and settle in to the couch with my family and enjoy a movie. Then after dinner we trek off to bed.

These are my three reasons my favorite season is winter.