Josephine Jordan



My favorite season is Summer because I like the warm breeze on my skin and I love the animals that run around my backyard and every year me and my family go on a vacation to Florida or we spend a lot money on our hair, clothes,and shoes. But the real reason I love Summer is because of how it feels to be in the nice warm air, to be abel to go under water and have a whole new world. I also love the way its feels to nice fluffy grass to lay in. summer is the best season ever because I don’t have to worry about homework or to bring something in I can relax and have fun with my friends, what I do with my friends is we go down to the play ground and swing on the swings and go down the slides because I live right next to the playground, We like to go to Dunkin Donuts and we go down to the water and swim, I have lots of fun with my friends. I get to have an ice cream at the end of the day too. When its my family and I we go climbing,and hiking. Summer is the best season ever in my world when I go out side to play my cat plays with me and she always leaves me for a mouse or a mole or something. Every year me and mom grow a garden, some of the things we grow in the garden are raspberrys, blueberry’s, flowers, and vegetables. I go to my dads in the summer and we go to the beach cause he has a boat and we go tubing its so much fun being able to spend time with my dad. When I go with my gramme we go to the store and a lot of cool stuff and we also go to the mall and get our hair done.I love the feeling of Summer and its so nice to be able to live in it every year. Sometimes over Summer I read a book called Hotel For Dogs I love that story its about these kids who go on a adventure to save these dogs I wish I could go on a adventure like that because it would be fu to take care of cute little and big dogs all day and night. Summer is so much fun because I like to lay low on the weekends sit back and relax and enjoy the warmth. Because my shoes wont get wet or anything like in winter. And that is why I love summer so so so much and I hope you do too.