Joshua Gordon

When Frozen Rain Falls
By: Joshua Gordon
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6th Grade
My favorite season is the season in which frozen rain falls, and hibernation begins. Of course you’ve already guessed what i’m talking about, Winter! It is the time when most of the animals move down south to the warmer climate, or some animals choose to stay and sleep, and this is called hibernation, some animals don’t even stop doing what they normally do. Like wolves, chickadees, deer, and most important, humans! Most people thrive in winter, we find ways of enjoying ourselves in one of the most dangerous seasons of the year! One reason I like winter is because I love to burry myself in a huge pile of snow and stay there for a few hours and just watch the outdoors. I also like to build huge snow forts to climb into, sometimes I make them going down hill so I can slide down a snow tube! My dog likes to bite my leg when i’m running in my snowsuit, and she won’t let me get up! My number one reason I like winter is because the cold weather and icy roads drive everyone inside so we can play board games and have a lot of family time. when I say family time I mean either movies or the Wii. Sometimes just my dad and I go ice fishing, but last time we got squat. Im not very successful at ice fishing or anything that has to do with fish. Plus i’m a lot more sufficient at hunting deer in the winter because I can just follow their tracks to the place where they’re hiding. I never go sliding anymore because i learned that sledding is risky, when I was sledding one time I ran into a tree and then kept on going. So now i’m really scared of sledding. My final reason I like winter is Christmas! I love Christmas because it’s the time when we get the most family time ever, and thats my season and my reasons!