Kacie Scott Whitmore

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is winter this year because I dislike snow. The reason is when there’s snow it’s cold, but this year there’s no snow. So winter is not as cold as usual. The reasons I like winter this year is because it has not made snow days so we will have a longer summer then usual and I have running. Running is my favorite sport and there is no running in the summer because there is not much school in the summer. Also I like winter this year because its nice and cool outside so its funner to go in the woods.ln the summer theres bugs all over the place and its warm outside usually it’s also always warm in the spring but therés bugs.In fall its cool outside but theres bugs outside and in the winter its cool outside and theres no bugs outside

Usually my favorite season would be summer because winter has been like this I like winter. The way I remember the years that winter is very cold I would rather summer for my favorite season. When I was younger I would like winter more because as most kids that are younger or still that age they would like winter more.I liked summer more in the other years because I went to my grandfathers camp and got to go swimming and ride in the fishing boat and go fishing. Once me and my friend caught each one foot long fish so there was two we did not know what type fish they were.Also I do not like fall as much as winter or summer this year because falls very windy.The reason younger kids like snow more then most people usually it is because they would always make snow tunnels,snow forts,snowmen and last but not least have snowball fights.

I only enjoy snowball fights.I do not know why I like snowball fights I think I just like throwing stuff at people.lt is also fun to throw snowballs so my dog try’s to get them and every once and a while she flips to get them. It is also fun to watch my dog run after snowflakes she also chases leaves in the fall when they are falling off the trees.Another thing I watch my dog do sometimes is try to find rocks and then she barks at them.l think she barks at them because she moves them and she does not notice that rocks are not alive and she’s the one moving the rock the rocks not the one moving itself.As you can tell she’s does not know some things thats she should know.The reasons what she does with rocks that she sits on top of the couch and she gets on the table to sit or lay down she mimics the cats in my house.My cats are also quite weird and not knowing of many things they should.

And thats my favorite season and all my reasons I chose that season for my report.