Kaleigh Beck

Kaleigh Beck
6th grade
All Saints Catholic School
Mrs. Whitney

Raking Up The Season

My favorite season is autumn. Autumn is so beautiful. All the colors fly from the tree and glide so lightly through the air to land on the ground or on my mother’s car. I can rake up a big pile of leaves and jump on in. Sometimes, I get a group of friends together and we have a “Grass Fight.” If you are wondering what that might be, it is when you pull the dead grass out of the ground, whack off the dirt, and throw it at each other. You can also make a big fort of leaves. There is so much to see in autumn, such as: kids having fun, a tree that has no leaves, the ground covered in leaves, and more! The leaves of autumn are so delicate, if you step on them they might just crumble under your feet!

Something else interesting about autumn is it is known for pumpkins and apples, and I LOVE eating apples and my dad’s pumpkin pie. Fall is the best time to get apples! My favorite brand of apple is Honeycrisp; what is yours? In autumn pumpkins are so fresh and sweet in pie! Another thing tasty about autumn is the corn. You can take a walk in a corn maze or enjoy corn on the cob as the season winds down.

Halloween is in autumn and you get to carve Jack o’ Lanterns, trick-or-treat for candy, and dress up. My birthday also happens to fall during autumn, October twentieth!

to be precise. YAY!!! Thanksgiving is also in autumn, and there is always so much to eat: turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, and pies galore! Don’t you just love autumn, too?

If you’re like me and get cold easily, you probably don’t like snow very much. Autumn is like winter without the snow. I absolutely love it! You still get to wear your puffy jackets and scarves if you like high fashion essentials like that. There is also no shoveling, no ice chopping, and no frozen noses!

I think the best part about autumn is that at the end of a long day you can come inside and enjoy a nice hot cup of milky, sweet hot chocolate! I hope you enjoyed reading my essay on autumn, but now it’s your turn to decide what team your on. Are you on team autumn, team summer, team winter, or team spring?