Kolby Hendrix

Kolby Hendrix
Grade Five
Beech Hill School
Mrs. Nichole Pothier

Winter Time

Winter. It’s my favorite season. There are lots of reasons why I love winter, so let me tell you about them.
In winter, when you go down dirt roads, all the trees are covered with snow. All you see is white, white, white. Little icicles hang from the ends of tree branches. I can hear the ice crackling under the tires of my truck when I am driving to my friend’s house. In winter, you can see through the trees all the way to the pond which is frozen over. There is a layer of snow over the pond. There are ice shacks everywhere. I love how my world looks when it’s winter time!
Another reason I love winter is that I get to put my puppy’s camouflage coat on him to go outside in the fluffy snow. I open the door, and out Jovi goes flying through the door. I can’t catch him, he is going too fast through the snow like a race car. He drives his head into the snow. Jovi is so cute when he does all this. Something about winter makes my little dog whiter and a bit more hyper.
Winter is also the time when we go and get the Christmas tree. We travel to the same farm every year, and I am so excited and so happy. We take Jovi, all white and cute, with us. When we are walking around, I want all the trees there.
Some are tall and thin, some are short, and there are as many as you can think of. The owner has one lit up on his front porch. We always pick a short fat tree. Then we take it home, decorate it, and put the stockings under it. Picking out a Christmas tree is just another reason why I love winter.
A new reason I love winter is it’s the season that we can go skiing. Skiing is my new favorite sport. Some places I go are Saddleback and Hermon Mountain. The first time I went on the ski lift, I thought it was going to break. During my first ski ride down the mountain, I fell about 80 times, I tell you! I have so much fun, though, that my heart just tells me to keep going. Now I can fly down the slope really fast. When I am going down the slope, it’s like I am flying through air. No snow gets in my face, because I am moving so fast. I try to catch up with my friend, so when I do, she and I race to the end of the slope. I can’t wait to go to more ski places.
These are all my favorite things about winter.