Kristen Tripp

Kristen Tripp
Grade 6
Samuel L. Wagner Middle School
Winterport, ME
Mrs. Murphy

My Favorite Season

Do you want to know what my favorite season is? It is fall. In fall the leaves fall on the ground and change colors. You can also hear the wind blowing. When the winds blows sometimes the leaves fall. You can smell pumpkin pie near Thanksgiving too.

In fall there are a lot of sports. There are sports Iike,soccer,cross country, and field hockey. The sport that I like is cross country. One reason why I like fall is because cross country starts. I like cross country because it is fun because you get to run and you have meets. Meets is when your team and another team are against each other. And you race to see who gets to the finish line first. There is a lot of people there to watch too.

Another thing I like about fall is that itis my birthday. My birthday is October 10th. For my birthday I have at least four friends over and we go to a special place for my birthday party like Great Skates. Then my friends spend the night at my house.

My last reason why I like about fall is that the leaves change colors. The colors that they change is orange,red,and yellow. When you step on the leaves it makes a “crunch crunch crunch” sound. The leaves are colorful.

Those are the reasons why fall is my favorite season. My reasons why I like fall was that cross country starts. Another thing is that my birthday is in faIl. The last thing is that the leaves change colors. Fall is the best season ever!