Kyler Caron

Kyler Caron Grade 5
Presque Isle
My favorite season out of all four seasons would have to be summer. Why? Well, I have a lot of reasons, but my three main reasons are visiting the ocean, no school, and, camping.

I love the blue ocean because some of my family lives in Road Island by the ocean. Last summer I went with my grandfather, and my littler brother Garret. We stayed five days then we came back. We stayed the whole day at the sandy beach. I like the gigantic waves and we go bodysurfing. Bodysurfing is when you wait for the waves in the water an when the waves come in you start swimming the way the wave goes and the wave picks you up. It’s really fun!

Now I’ll talk about my second reason I love summer. That is summer vacation. I love summer vacation so much because I can spend time with my family, and friends. When I have summer vacation I go camping with my family. I get to sleep in later and stay up later. I love summer vacation.

Last but not least, I love to go to my camp. My camp is my favorite place to be with my family. We go swimming, water skiing, tubing, and campfires. When we have a campfire we cook s’mores, and hotdogs. The campfire smells are the best!

Well, that’s my favorite season and that’s why I love summer so much.