Lauren Ismail

Lauren Ismail
6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School

January 19, 2012

Summer Heat

Splash! I jump into the pool on a warm summer day. The sun is crisping my skin. Everyone I know is outside on this perfect and sunny day. I have popsicles and ice cream, and it melts into my hand, making a sticky, delicious puddle. I wipe my hands with a towel and the heat and ice cream make it stick to my hand, too.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go to camp. I tube and sometimes, I fall off. No matter how cold it is, I swim in it anyways. And when I come back from all that, I am sunburned. At night, I go outside and make s’mores around the orangish, yellow fire that glistens in the dark night. When all that is finished, I finally go to bed.

The temperature is 82 degrees, and the sun is so bright, it hurts. The sky is a soft blue. The sun a yellow lemon, and my favorite part, no clouds. I lay on a chair and let the sun burn my skin. I see gorgeous flowers. The colors are so vibrant. My lemonade is being warmed up by the sun, and is no longer ice cold. I look up, and all I see is what I saw before, beautiful sky.

4th of July is almost here. I remember the beautiful, vibrant colors that make me smile from ear to ear. I hear the pops and booms, they are so loud! I stand outside and close my eyes, just listening to all the noises and echoes. Then, I open my eyes. Color is exploding everywhere, lighting up the night sky. Sometimes, my sister and I bring food and just sit and watch the sky fill with colors. My sister says things like, “Wow!” and “Cool!” but I just sit and take it all in.

I have shared with you my favorite parts of my favorite season, summer. Every year I wait and wait for this time of year to come around, tide in and tide out, and eventually it does. My birthday is also during the summer, and that is another reason that I like it so much. For all these reasons and more, I adore summer!