Luccas Lawrence

Luccas Lawrence
Grade 5
Presque isle

My favorite season
It is fun to play in the winter snow. There is allotting of stuff to do in the winter.

I like winter because you can snowboard and play hockey on the ice snowboarding in the snow in fun because its like skateboarding in the summery like winter the most because of Christmas and when your in the snow and I like it because of winter vacation and I love all me Christmas presents and the no school
When we go snowboarding in the winter me and Bryan like to build jumps but most of the time it rains the next day so we have to
build the again

We go sledding in the winter to its but then we do it again Fun. When you fall off you don’t get hurt but you get all wet
You can run in the deep snow and fall onto your sled and br run down the hill at school its fun to climb trees in the winter because when you fall out of the tree you don’t get hurt
My favorite season is winter