Lyric Foss

Lyric Foss

Mrs. Willey

Grade 11

Machias Memorial High School

Social Networking Sites

Although social networking sites help people stay in touch with family or friends, they have too many problems. People would rather sit on the computer and talk to people instead of having a conversation in person. People are afraid to say something rude out loud to another person, but when they get on the internet, they gain courage and say whatever they want. They know that they’re nowhere near the person they are talking to and it makes the conversation feel almost imaginary and that it won’t be able to hurt anyone. They think they can’t get in trouble and can do whatever they want.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Myyearbook, etc. do have some good in them. For example, meeting new friends, keeping in touch with people who live far away, having creative expression, and having minimum age requirements. There are also social networking sites made for people who suffer from diseases, alcoholism, addiction, and weight problems. They can go on and talk about their problems.

But these sites have many problems that overcome the good in them. For example, bullying, spending too much time online, not realizing that what you put on there can never be erased, and not having and face-to-face interaction. They can keep you from doing your work in
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school, make you lie about who you are, and all your information is online where everyone can see it. Social networking sites can be very dangerous.

In this last year over 40% of teenagers with internet access have reported being bullied online (“Cyber Bullying Statistics”). Most kids refuse to tell anyone about these incidents and they get forgotten, but the person that got bullied is not going to forget about it. People get cyber bullied by stealing someone’s password and going on their name and writing or posting things on their profile, recording conversations without consent, and writing mean, hurtful, or embarrassing things to another individual. Many teens have committed suicide or at least thought about it due to online bullying.

In my opinion I think that social networking sites should have never been made; they have caused too many problems. We could have gotten by just fine without them, they are not something that we need. We have phones to contact people; it’s just as easy to do this. These sites are just a form of entertainment. So that is why I believe that these social networking sites have more bad than good.