Marissa Green

Marissa Greene
Presque Isle
Mrs. Norsworthy


My favorite season is summer, because of the weather. It is just beautiful! Summer only comes once a year. My favorite activities to do is fishing and I love is jumping on my trampoline.

In the summer I go fishing with my Uncle Scott every year! The reason why is he is the one who got me into fishing and I have been fishing for 6, years and I was 5 when I started fishing. We go down to Millinocket on Memorial Day for bass fishing.

The thing my brother and I do together is watching the thunderstorms. We go out on to our porch and watch the lighting and listen to the thunder. We love to do that together!

Jumping on my trampoline is another thing that we like to do together. Landon, Brandon, and I make up tricks together. Sometimes my cousin Morgan comes over to my house and all 4 of us jump on the trampoline together.

That’s the reason why I love summer especially in Maine! Maine is so fun in the summer!