Matija Mamula

Matija Mamula
6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School

Mrs. Whitney

I have so many reasons why I love summer. Summer is so warm and you can go to your camp, build a campfire, and go to the beach. I love summer because you get to go on bike rides. In the summer I go to ride my horse Cheval, which is French for horse. When I go to ride Cheval we usually go on trail rides. I have a camp on Sebec Lake and we go up there about every other week, or maybe once a month. When we go up there we go swimming in the lake. There is a place around Augusta where my family visits each summer, but we prefer to go to the beach.

I think that summer is the best season of the year, because there are camps I can attend to become better at skills. I love soccer camps because I am a true soccer fan. This past summer I went to a soccer camp in Brewer. You could play a small World Cup game. it is where you have as many teams as you want and you have two people on each team. You try to shoot into the goal box and then if you get the shot, you get out of the area, then you are in the next round. You do the same thing until some one wins.

Another thing that I like to do is go hang out with my friends. I usually have people over and then we go out and play with all my animals. Once in a while we go to the pool. I have a slumber party and go to slumber parties. When I go to slumber

parties we stay up till 11:30.

My birthday is in the summer, August 1 2th to be exact. On my birthday I usually go to the park. I spent the next month after my 12th birthday with my family and I went to Frenchboro Island. I got to learn how to drive a golf cart. One day we drove the golf cart to the local library as it was only 1/4 of mile away. That was the best birthday ever!

I dislike, with great intensity, the season of winter because of the cold. I do not mind going skiing and sledding, but still, that does not change my opinion. There is no question that summer is the season that makes me happiest!