Oliva Johnson

Olivia Johnson
6th grade
MI Saiiits Catholic School

Mrs. WhitMey

Into the Snow
“When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.” This line was written by Takayuk Ikkaku, Arisa Hoska, and Toshihro Kawabata. Winter brings chills and thrills, and no other season can say that. Winter is the first and last season for a year; I find that really cool. What is my favorite thing about winter, you might ask. Well, you will just have to find out. Read on!

Getting the first snow of the year puts a smile on anyone’s face. But, the snow seems to slip out of our grasp so quickly that most of the time, we don’t get to enjoy it. Winter might give people chills, but for me, it gives me smiles and hot cocoa. Why we only get one snow season out of four must be Mother Nature’s attempt at being humorous. Winter is a time of joy, and I like it that way.

I love it when I’m sliding down a snow covered hill. It gives me a rush when I land at the bottom. I like it when my friends and family come and slide with me. I even had a birthday party when we went sliding. It was so much fun. The snow makes an ordinary hill into a race for sledding. This year, I wish we had more snow so I could go on my favorite sliding hill.
What makes winter especially nice is being with my family. Everyone on my mother’s side (my dad’s family lives in Tennessee) gathers at Nana’s house on Christmas Eve. There we open presents and play Yankee Swap. This year I got to play for the first time. Then in the morning, my family opens presents early and goes to my aunt’s house. There, we eat, share memories and talk.

Winter might not be a warm season, but it brings families closer and it is a time when memories are made. As mentioned in the quote above, winter does make me feel like “I’m walking on clouds.” Winter is a chilly ride that I like to take again and again. Winter is my favorite season because of everything about it. Winter makes me feel like I can do anything.