Paige Thibodeau

Paige Thibodeau 6th grade.
Hichborn Middle School
Howland, Maine
The Joy of Fall
There are many joyous, fabulous, magical, wonderful things to say about fall. Starting with the most commonly noticed thing to indicate that fall is coming, which is the leaves. They begin as green soft big or small leaves. As the season of fall rolls in they become different. Wonderful, bright colors bloom such as red, yellow, orange, even brown. The trees slowly release them and they drift wearily down to the cold Autunm ground. They lay as if they are sleeping in the perfect Autumn weather. You may hear crunching, but that’s children raking, playing, kicking, jumping and laughing all around. They may also add leaves to their color filled collection. They may finally see how fun and important fall can be. Spending time with my family is the best. Biking, walking and apple picking, and fun filled travels at every corner. Wherever you want you and your warm hearted family to be so they can endure the sights, smells, and great family times. While staying cozy and warm together durning the fall season.
Even more exciting about fall is Halloween. Its right around the corner! Excitement spreads all over with costume picking and raving the cool Autunm nights. We all know you can enjoy fall more with this one special Halloween night. Even though you know its coming closer and closer to an end. Even more so, fall brings you and your family together. I’ve learned from my experience that you get out and do a lot more and even bond with your family during the autunm season. For example my father and I, one fall, we spent half of the season preparing for winter. We built my snowmobile and painted it together. We even got everything into the cellar together. We bonded a lot and got to know each other more than I thought we ever could. I even bonded with my mother and sister. We raked and took care of the leaves together. It was the best fall ever! Unfortunately we all were saddened knowing the fun of fall must come to an end. With the last leaf falling to the chilling ground everyone realized that winter has almost arrived. As fall slowly dies down the leaves begin to disappear and snow begins to fall. You and I both now know how important and fun fall is for families, children and pets. Within reason I know that fall can’t last forever. But I keep my hopes up, and I knew it would be back again next year.
Fall is my favorite season for these exact reasons.