Rebecca Whitney

Rebecca Whitney
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
/    The heat, the sun, and the fun. Those are some reasons that summer is my favorite season. I like to swim but spend most of my time tanning in the sun. I go with my best friend to her nana’s lake and we spend the day tanning and swimming. By the end of the day we go out on the paddle boat and end up sinking it every time. I love going out there and having fun it is my favorite pass time it is awesome. We also found a place deep under water that is covered with slimy green grass car tires and some more old junk. There were fish everywhere. We called it “fish topia.” I love going there with her. She is my best friend and I love going. Sometimes we see old friends there and we say hi but we spend most of the time together in the water. When it is lunch time her mom calls us out at 2:00pm, but we eat quickly and go to tan for over an hour. When we are done we spend some more time in the water. Within six hours it’s 8:00 and her mom tells us it’s time for dinner. We spend about 15 minutes eating and then bring the extra food inside. Soon it’s 9:00pm and we go in the water until 10:00pm. Then we go home. It was a fun day. We said bye to her nana and leave. That is why I love summer.