Rylee Wight

By:    Rylee Wight Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School
6 Stackpole

Fall is my favorite season because I love to dress up for Halloween! For the past 2 years, I’ve been making my costume that was made with some things that we don’t use. Then, I get in the costume ( For example, A Beaver costume ) and   “WHEEE!!” I go to get some candy! I love Halloween!

The second reason is the fall leaves. Whool Love it! Yellow, red, orange, and brown leaves scattered all over the ground. Watch out for acorns! They hurt if they hit your head! When I see a Turkey, I imagine I have a knife and kill the turkey for Thansgiving dinner! That’s only in my head. (wink, wink)

My third and final reason is signing up to audition for the school play! Don’t care what part I get, I’m in it for the good times. I make lots of friends each year, and I get really teary-eyed at the last performence. It’s wonderful!

Fall is my favorite season because of all of those things! And I’m glad of being myself!