Savannah Rodriguez

Savannah Rodriguez
Presque Isle
Mrs.Norsworthy    Summer
By: Savannah Rodriguez

When I think about all the seasons that we have during the
year, summer would have to be my favorite.

The things that I like most about summer is being able to
travel, play sports, and having campfires at night.

The first thing would have to be soccer. One of the reasons why I like soccer is because I enjoy playing against my friends. The position I play is goalie. I enjoy playing goalie because I like the challenge and it’s a fun position to play.

~—~-~The second thing I like about summer is being able to
travel. When I travel during summer vacation, my family and I usually go to Portland. My favorite thing to do in Portland is to go to Funtown Splashtown. I like to swim and have fun and that’s the place to do it.

The last thing I like about summer is having campfires. When I have campfires we have friends over and we have smOres. We also tell stories, sing, and have a good time.

There are other seasons that I like but summer would have to be the one I like the most. There’s always something to do during the summer and it never gets old.