Skye Brooks

Skye Brooks

Grade Six

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School


Mrs. Anderson

Floating fells like fling. I bet you know how it feels. Floating on top of the water it is the greatest feeling ever and sitting on the beach is even better. Listing to the waves your in heaven don’t you see. If you have noticed my favorite season is summer. It should be yours to. I like summer because it is so warm and makes me feel alive. Summer is so much fun. Feel the waves splashing agents your feet. Having the sand between your toes it feels so cool.

Summer is amazing if you just try you will now when you are there . Get outside; have fun, go do what you haven’t done before. You will see a big differences in your life. Just watch get out there have fun do things with your family. That is all that maters having fun it doesn’t mater where you are in the summer just do something that makes you feel alive just like me. Go to the beach, play sports, run around with your friends do something that does not involve inside like video games, watching television and things like that don’t do those thing they are bad for you.

You wont learn anything from doing those things. If you go on in your life doing those things you wont be abel to do anything. You might be abel to do them once in a wail but don’t do them all the time.

Go on hikes with your family not because they want you to because you want to. Do things like that like I said dont do those things because they ask do it because you want to do it.Do all those things and you will feel just like me, alive.