Tessa Yardley

Tessa Yardley
6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School

Do you remember the times you had as a little kid? Do you remember

jumping in the fall leaves? Did you spend hours stealing leaves from the neighbors so you could have the biggest pile of leaves on the block? Did you keep leaves to save so you could remember their vivid, radiant, colors? I’ve done all of these. I even admit that I was a culprit and stole some of the leaves. Personally, I don’t think they ever even noticed.

Did you love Thanksgiving because you could have your favorite type of pie that you only have on that day? Do you like Thanksgiving because you get to help your mom cook the pie so that you can lick the bowl? I love to do that! Decadent fudge chocolate pie is my Thanksgiving favorite. I love having the scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. I like Halloween, but, not as much as

Thanksgiving. These are all reasons on why I like autumn so dearly.

Autumn is one of those times of the year that make me really happy. I like autumn not only because it’s the time when Halloween comes around and you
get a lot of candy, it’s because I like to see the autumn leaves. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Halloween candy, but it’s not my favorite factor. I should mention my favorite candies are Hot Tamales and Milky Way bars. However, my very favorite part of autumn is starting school. Yes, I said starting school! I know most people don’t like the start of school because we have homework. To tell you the truth, homework is a passion of mine.

I enjoy autumn because of the indescribable feeling I get during that time of the year. I love the way that the leaves fall and wear their vivid colors. I also like that feeling that I get when I run cross-country. I like to feel the wind hitting me in the face and the crisp, crunching of the leaves beneath my flying feet. Ahhhh, only three more seasons to go until I can experience these sights, sounds, and tastes once more.