Trevor Dugal

Trevor Dugal
6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School
Mrs. Whitney

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

My favorite season is crisp, cold, chilly, and soup-slurping winter. I enjoy winter because I like it when it snows white, fluffy snowflakes outside and you just let the snowflakes hit your tongue and then they melt away. Although it is not fun to get frost bite, I still like winter. Here are some more good reasons why I like winter.

I like to build sturdy snow forts in the winter then have a large snowball fight. It is fun to roll the snow up into a mound, then add on to it after. I like it when I beat my friends at a snowball fight. My sturdily built fort always stays up. Although I am not very good at building snow balls, it is still funand entertaining.

Another reason I like winter is because I like to go sledding down this towering hill and then crash at the end. It is so exhilarating when my sister and I have a race down the hill; she usually wins, but occasionally I am the victor. There is nothing like the feeling you experience when the wind is blowing in your face as you zoom down the hill. I particularly enjoy it when you hear the whooshing in your ear as you plummet downwards. Even though it can be cold sometimes the thrill of it all is worth it!

Constructing a massive snowman is a jolly way to spend some time outdoors. It’s a challenge to gather all the tasty food and black buttons to “dress” the snowman. It is truly rewarding to head off to the park with family and friends so that we can create this frozen work of art. When we are done with our masterpiece, we then dub it with a name.

These are just a few of the reasons I think winter is the best season by far. Since winter only comes once a year, for three or four months, why would you want to waste a moment of it?