Vanessa Conners

Vanessa Conners
Grade 6
Samuel L. Wagner Middle School
Winterport, ME
Mrs. Murphy

Fall, My Favorite

What is your favorite season? Well mine will have to be fall because there are more holidays in fall than summer. You also can go apple picking.You can pick pumpkins for a center piece. I will tell you three other things that I like about fall.

I like fall because my birthday is in the fall. Fall is a nice time to have your birthday because you can jump in piles of leaves for a game at your birthday or birthday party. Also it would be fun to have your birthday on a holiday. But mine is not on a holiday, but it’s close to a holiday though. Birthdays can be fun, but they’re not always fun.

Another thing llike aboutfall is that the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. It is so beautiful when the leaves fall off and change color. If you were to go on a walk in the woods you would hear the leaves go crunch, crunch. But to me and maybe others they might like jumping in to big piles of leaves.

My third favorite thing about fall is that it’s not as hot as the summer and not as cold as winter. It is too rainy in the spring to have fun. It’s also too muddy in the spring, too. Fall is gust right because it’s not too hot,not too rainy,not too cold and it’s not too muddy.

That is why I like fall the best. The reason I like fall the best is because my birthday is in the fall. I also like fall because the leaves change color, fall off the trees and it is so beautiful. The last thing I like about the fall is that it is not too hot out like it is in the summer. It’s also not too cold like it is in the winter, and not too muddy in the spring.