Zackary Tremmel

Zackary Tremmel
Grade 6
Samuel L. Wagner Middle School
Winterport, ME
Mrs. Murphy

Mostly Modern Summer

The breeze is in my face, the excitement in my heart and the fresh warm air in my

mouth. It must be summer. Summer is a warm fun season where lots of kids like to play. In summer, there are plants like flowers, vegetables and fruits. Summer is the time when flowers are growing big and strong, and I’m free to be myself.

My first reason why I like summer is it’s really warm and sunny, and it’s football and baseball season. I love the warmth and the sunshine and football and baseball because that is the time I get to be active by playing sports like basketball, football or baseball or by running around.

My second reason why I like summer is that there is no school which means I can sleep in all day if I wanted to. I love to sleep all day because I get a lot of sleep and I’m not cranky when I wake up. I can play Xbox 360 with my mom’s boyfriend Joe pretty

much all night because I can sleep in late.

My final reason why I like summer is that I get to play with my friends. We play football and basketball and we play Xbox 360 together, but only when it gets dark

outside. The I play on my Xbox 360 are mostly violent games like Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), Fallout New Vegas and call Of Jaurez Bound Of Blood. I like to play MW3 because I can go online with people.

I like the summer a lot but it doesn’t last forever so I have to find other ways to enjoy the other seasons, like making my bedroom look like a beach or building an indoor