Michael Labrun

Michael Labun

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney


On the Move at Moosehead



The best place in Maine to relax and enjoy nature is at the Moosehead Lake region. It is one of the best places that I have been to in Maine. Moosehead Lake is a place. with never ending things to do. Now I know you are probably thinking the best place is Bar Harbor, your camp, or some other place, but I will give you reasons why Moosehead is a better place. Even if you don’t live in Maine, it is definitely a spot that is worth visiting. After hearing the following reasons, you WILL want to go there.


When I was younger I went to Moosehead I can easily remember the inexpensive cabins that were cozy and very nicely made; there were also plenty of houses that were for sale all around the park. Everything around there was so convenient. One of the biggest attractions is, of course, the lake, and this is where most of Moosehead’s visitors stay. Fishing, swimming, and much more can also be done at this lake. Eating out could never be easier do to the many cabin style restaurants. This is a very family friendly place to go.


Many different motor sports are going on at Moosehead during the summer. Jet skiing and ATV riding are very popular here. You can buy or rent motor vehicles very quickly and easily. Don’t think this place is only good to go during the spring or summer, it is also great for visiting in the winter. There are snowmobiling trails all around at Moosehead, and this is one of the biggest attractions. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are also very popular at Moosehead.



Michael Labun

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney



Moosehead provides fantastic hunting for all ages. There are literally more moose than there are people. This provides quite easy and exciting hunting opportunities. Not only are there moose, but also plenty of deer, bear, rabbit, and partridge. Moosehead even has many guides who will help you do what ever you want, and make it as easy as possible.


Now, you may have never heard of this place before, but it is a fantastic spot and can easily compete with some of the other main attractions in Maine. Ask Jimmy Buffet, he comes and enjoys Moosehead, also. I would suggest this place for vacation anytime of the year. The Moosehead Lake region has so much to offer, and to me, and to many others, Moosehead is the best place to be in Maine.

Ceara Alley

Ceara Alley

Hancock Grammar School

Grade 8




Vacation Land “Maine” Sand Beach

Maine is known to be vacationland for a reason. It’s known for it’s beautiful scenery and how natural it is. People come here to relax and have fun. Most people tend to come to Maine in the summer and the fall when Maine looks the best and has a great warm temperature.

My favorite place would have to be Sand Beach. The scenery and the nice cool ocean water. In the summer if you go on the right day the temp. is perfect and the ocean water is nice place to go swimming and cool off. The scenery there is also very amazing! The nice clear blue ocean with a mountain side on the very edge of it, the sand is a a nice golden brown that’s warm when the sun is shining down on the beach.

If you’re a person who enjoys photography or scenery Sand Beach is definitely a place you should go or any other beach in Bar-Harbor or Southwest-Harbor. Sand Beach has a great views. You are able to climb the mountain side. I’ve been there personally and looking down on Sand Beach was so beautiful. The water was a nice crystal blue, the sun was shinning down on the sand making it this perfect golden brown color.

On summer days when my sister Nicole wasn’t working she would ask me and Amanda if we wanted to go swimming at Sand Beach. Of course, I said yes along with my sister. While getting ready Nicole would call up Autumn and see if Madison(my niece) wanted to go to the beach as well. Then we would all go to the beach. Amanda and Nicole would go swimming and I would stay on the beach building sand castles with Madison. We would run down to the water to fill up buckets for the sand, we would pack down the sand in fancy buckets to getwindows, doors, ect. I would have to say I loved this part of the day, Building sandcastles with my seven year old niece.



Ceara Alley

Hancock Grammar School

Grade 8

Mrs. Leighton

If I were a tourist coming to “Vacationland”, Maine, I would certainly come to SandBeach for a “fun day in the sun” for my vacation. Over any other place I would definitely recommend Sand Beach.

Courtney Nguyen

Courtney Nguyen


8th Grade



Bangor Christian


Bangor, ME


Mrs. Ramirez


Maine is called “vacationland” probably because it’s really nice during the



summer and because there are a lot of fun places to visit. Many people come to


Maine to visit places like Old Orchard Beach or Bar Harbor or any other nice vacationing places.


One of my favorite places to go during the summer is Old Orchard Beach. I started going with my parents aunt, uncle, and cousin when I was 5 years old. My parents would just lay out theirtowel, and my mom would read a book while my dad would watch me. I’d usually go swimming with my uncle, and sometimes my dad would come along. I used to get scared whenever I saw a surfer or a huge wave coming. Sometimes, I would just stand there and watch people Suii, Front a distance away. I would stand there and feel the water pushing me back onto the


~              na c~n’t ~o ~niin;aiy, i’d build a sand castle with my cousin. Ours weren’t


the most professional looking sand castles, but we had fun making them. There are c.hetn~r~ ~~,r.c r n’~n etn# Ut+Ir. ~.rt. asr.nire. few ttes~ tr fp4rne4r. .~nrZ f~rnUts Tkcsvcs o~a

01              ft ttjt¼? J¼Ft. ~.#C4( & ~..t &ItW.# J~J~* ‘..& &&& &~& 7 S&.&~ ~



rides there, where you can ride rides just like a fair. After we’re done at the beach,


we’re usually tired. But sometimes, we go to a restaurant that has a lot of seafood. Back then, I didn’t like seafood, so I just got the seafood chowder and pick out all



the seafood. I really like ~g to Old Orchard Beach because I can spend time with my family.


At Old Orchard Beach, you can swim, surf, build sand castles, shop, and ride rides. Many people will enjoy other places in Maine as well as Old Orchard Beach.


A lot of people who come to visit Maine will probably go to Bar Harbor or Old


Orchard Beach.

Kate Newman

By Kate Newman

Grade 7 –


Houlton Jr. High School

Houlton, Maine 04730

Mrs. Peabody

– Bar Harbor, Maine


Being born and raised in northern Maine, my childhood vacations often took me outside of the state to some far away place that my parents wanted to explore. But if given the choice, I would have stayed right here in Maine everytime. It’s no surprise that-my home state is called Vacationland. After all, Maine has beautiful mountains and trees and one of the most amazing autumns with its bright-leaves coloring the ground, and much, much more. Wild blueberries also grow here and fishermen still head out at the break of dawn in their boats to catch fresh lobsters. Now that I’ve sold you on my state, let me tell you about my favorite Maine vacation spot, Bar Harbor.




All the places in Maine are wonderful, but Bar Harbor is my favorite by far. Why you might ask? Well, it goes back to my sixth grade field trip. I arrived in Bar Harbor with my classmates to experience all this seaside town had to offer. Immediately my senses were completely overtaken by the smell of



the fresh sea air that made me feel so alert and energetic. First we hopped into a boat that took us around the harbor. I saw lighthouses, seals, bald eagles, and some of the most luxurious homes I have ever seen. It was breathtaking, and I hopedthe rest of Bar Harbor would be as impressive.




I am happy to say I was not disappointed. My friends and I used the rest of our day exploring the downtown shops before turning in to dream about all


we would see and do the next day. After waking up to one of the most beautiful summer days I have ever experienced, we headed to two different beaches where we swam, played in the sand, kicked our feet in the waves, gathered shells and examined the many urchins, starfish, and even a lost lobster we found. It was truly a day to remember. We headed home the next day, but a piece of me stayed in Bar Harbor. I’ve never stopped dreaming about it and wanting to go back. Lucky for me, it’s just a short drive to paradise but I would recommend the trip to anyone, even if you have to fly, drive for days, or take one of the many cruise ships that visits during the summer months.



Like any tourist spot, I admit that Bar Harbor is not perfect. It does have some overpriced restaurants and expensive gift stores, however it’s easy to look past all that to find something that will be just right for you. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Bar Harbor was the winner of the Travelers’ Choice Destinations Award in 2011, so they must be doing something right. Hopefully you’ll give this one of a kind vacation spot a chance, no matter what your age. You never know, it just might make you

feel like a kid again.